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Catch .44 - BLU-RAY - 2011 - USED

Catch .44 - BLU-RAY - 2011 - USED

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Drug boss Mel sends his associates Tes, Dawn, and Kara to intercept a truck driver bringing rival drugs to a diner at night. The women wait for the driver at the diner, but when they fail to identify him, they draw guns on the diner's other occupants and demand if anyone knows who the driver is. Instead, a shootout ensues when Francine, the diner's owner, and Jesse, a patron, draw firearms of their own. Kara, Francine, Dawn, and Jesse are killed and Tes finds herself in a standoff with Billy, the diner's cook. As Tes and Billy point their weapons at each other, their situation becomes more complicated when Ronny, another associate of Mel's, arrives at the diner.

It is eventually revealed that no drugs were coming to the diner and the job was a set-up. Mel hired Billy, Jesse, and Francine, who all work for him, to kill Tes and her cohorts. Ronny, who is infatuated with Tes, says he came to the diner to rescue her and steal the money Mel supposedly gave Billy for this assignment, although Billy denies having it. Ronny orders Tes to shoot Billy, but she turns her gun on Ronny, and a second shootout occurs.

Mel comes to the diner and discovers Ronny is apparently the only survivor of the gunfight. After a brief conversation, Mel shoots Ronny in the face. Tes, however, turns out to still be alive and guns Mel down. She then intercepts a car carrying Mel's money and drives off with the cash. 


The Catch .44 - BLU-RAY - 2011 - USED is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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