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According to a poll taken by Time Magazine in 2006, the average American man owns twelve pairs of shoes. Many things have changed since then, the most relevant of which was the Great Recession of 2008. In the short-to-medium-term, this affected shoe buying habits profoundly, but things started to bounce back once the economy was on more solid footing.

We have to admit that this was surprising to us. Anecdotally, we’ve always figured that most men only owned about five or so pairs of shoes. Bumping that number up to twelve can easily represent over $1000 in additional shoe purchases.

With additional choices comes the additional difficulty of making those choices. How are you supposed to know what to buy?

Why Create A Men’s Shoe Guide?

Our guide outlines 33 different shoe styles individually. You can link to any of them by scrolling down or clicking here.

This guide was written with any man in mind, whether he’s just starting to build his wardrobe or if he’s already a few pairs in. Please know that no matter where you are in your shoe acquisition journey, the advice here applies to you.

All men need a stylish, functional shoe wardrobe.  To be able to build one intelligently, it’s imperative that we know not just what types of shoes we need, but why we need them and how to wear them. This will enable us to make better decisions when we spend our hard-earned money. You don’t want to be caught wearing a tuxedo with black patent leather bluchers, do you?

Or do you? If you don’t know, we’re here to help you learn. That’s the whole point!


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